Our Mission & History

Loyola Limited transforms Loyola University Chicago undergraduate students into leaders by providing them with unparalleled experiential learning opportunities in entrepreneurship and small business management, where students are empowered to create, develop, manage, and lead business ventures that benefit the multiple communities they serve.


We are students first, entrepreneurs second

Seven students had the vision of starting a student-run business at Loyola University Chicago. After crafting a business plan, it was passed to an entrepreneurship MBA class at Loyola's Quinlan School of Business as a case study. The students pitched the plan to the university and later assumed responsibility for a $3.2 million asset and launched the first student-run guesthouse in the nation. In 2010, The Flats at Loyola Station opened its doors. 

Loyola Limited was created in tandem with its first business venture to serve as a holding company for future student-run businesses. Strictly undergraduate, Loyola Limited is charged with the initiative to create experiential learning opportunities rooted in creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We achieve this by empowering students to start and manage their own businesses.

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Loyola Limited is a proud member of the Loyola Business Leadership Hub in Loyola’s Quinlan School of Business.