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We're hiring!

Are you a Loyola University Chicago student looking for unique work experience? Are you looking for an on-campus job with flexible hours and opportunities for promotion? Join our team!

Loyola Limited offers an on-campus job experience exclusive to undergraduate students at Loyola University Chicago. Top to bottom, all leadership positions are occupied by students, which means there's room for growth. When you work at Loyola Limited, you won't be just sitting behind a desk doing busy work. Our teams calculate finances, develop marketing strategies, lead teams, and push for growth at our businesses and since 2010, our teams have made over 4 million dollars. We also are proud to hire both Federal Work Study and Non-FWS students - which means our positions are accessible to anyone looking for an employment experience!

We are currently hiring for the following positions: 

Highschool Experiential Program Coordinator - Loyola Limited

The Loyola Limited Highschool Experiential Program Coordinator will be responsible for recruiting student participants, developing and organizing programming, and overseeing the Loyola Limited Experiential Program itself. They will also continuously seek external funding (grant writing)for further program development. They will maintain open and clear communication with Loyola Limited staff, Chicago Public High School contacts, external contacts, and the high school students to ensure a safe and meaningful learning and experiential environment. The coordinator will oversee the attendance, training, work and growth of the students. They will also work with other internal and external groups to plan professional development opportunities for the students. There is flexibility as to what this program can look like, but the ultimate aim is to provide consistent opportunities for CPS students to gain experience in, insight, and access to Loyola Limited’s resources, develop career readiness, and inspire personal growth.

Bike Mechanic - ChainLinks

ChainLinks is the nation’s first student run bicycle shop since 2011. Running as a not for profit organization, ChainLinks strives to promote sustainability through clean bicycle transportation while engaging with the community at volunteer events. Our staff continues to maintain a Specialized rental fleet while providing bike maintenance services to the greater Chicagoland area.  A bike mechanic at ChainLinks is responsible for bike maintenance and customer sales, but additionally workshop cleaning, equipment organization, and storefront upkeep. They should have at least 1-2 years in formal/informal bike repair.

Concessions Staff- Ireland’s Pub 10

Concessions Staff are directly responsible for the day to day experience of customers at the concessions stands at both Gentile Arena and Hoyne field. The staff’s role extends from serving drinks and preparing food to providing the fast, friendly customer service. Interest and excitement for all Loyola Ramblers sporting teams is especially important. Our concessions staff represents the “face” of the business and concessions could not operate without them.  

Please email the following documents to Ashley Kennedy, Chief Executive Officer via

  • Your resume

  • A completed Loyola Limited application (click here to download) 

    • Ireland's applicants do NOT need to fill out the Loyola Limited Application. 

  • Individual business application (The Flats, Felice’s, ChainLinks, Ireland’s Pub 10, inQbate) [Click the position to download the application] 

  • A cover letter explaining why you believe you might be a good fit for the position you are applying and why you are interested in working (or continuing working) for Loyola Limited - what can we offer you?

  • Your class schedule for the current or upcoming semester

Thank you for your interest!

Full job descriptions can also be found on RamblerLink. After logging in, click "Jobs/Internships" on the left sidebar, select "RamblerLink Jobs" from the drop down, and then search "Loyola Limited" in the search bar that appears on the next page. We pride ourselves on hiring LUC students from a variety of different majors and backgrounds:  we welcome all undergraduate Loyola students! All of our positions are open to students with Federal Work Study.