Program Overview

EMERGE is Loyola Limited's high school employment program.

Our program strives to empower students through an entrepreneurial and fully immersive experience. 

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In the Fall of 2016, Loyola Limited applied for and was granted funding through Loyola University’s Plan 2020. EMERGE was the first student-run initiative to receive support from this fund. Throughout the 2016-2017 school year, Loyola Limited fostered partnerships with Sullivan High School and Youth Job Center, and hired a High School Employment Program Coordinator to begin to develop the program. The summer of 2017 was the pilot session of EMERGE and two Sullivan High School students we hired to work at various Loyola Limited Businesses.



The goal of the EMERGE program is to empower Sullivan High School students through skills training, meaningful job experiences, and impactful relationships.

The main objectives include:

  1. Providing direct professional exposure and tangible career experience to high school students.

  2. Assisting participants in developing career-readiness skills and with post-secondary planning.

  3. Fostering participants’ professional education and personal growth through mentorship.

In addition to their time spent working at Loyola Limited businesses, EMERGE participants will take part in check-ins with the program coordinator and professional development workshops focused on building career skills.


In response to “Rate your experience with the program this summer. Explain your rating”:
“I got to work and bond with amazing people, I've learned a lot about bikes and this improved many strengths and weaknesses, which is very helpful for the future and what is to come.”
In response to “Did you enjoy partaking in EMERGE and working with Loyola Limited? Explain.”:
“I really have enjoyed everything. Working here has brought new experiences and has opened me up to new ideas about my future and college.”
In response to “Did you enjoy partaking in EMERGE and working with Loyola Limited? Explain.”:
“Yes, it gave me a chance that I would never have again. I was one the first high school interns who participated and completed the program.”