How to prepare for an interview at loyola limited

#1: Do your research

Read our website and know what we do, what our businesses are, and our history. We WILL ask! We're impressed when candidates have taken the time to do some research and learn more about Loyola Limited. If you have questions, reach out.

#2: Dress for success

If you mean business, show it. At Loyola Limited, our interviews are business casual, but we welcome candidates to dress in whatever way communicates their professionalism and interest in the job. It's not always what you say, but how you present yourself that makes a lasting impression. Be sure to shake hands firmly and maintain eye contact with your interviewer. During the interview, sit up and stay focused.

#3: Be confident, be you

Confidence is key, and an interview is a good measurement of how you high pressure situations. You don't want to appear too nervous, but at the same time, don't be too relaxed. The best advice we can offer is to be yourself. Above all, we value people who can be authentic - let YOU shine through. We're looking for individuals who will thrive in our team-based environment.

#4: Ask questions

We love when candidates ask questions, it shows they’re interested and have done their homework. Before the interview, make sure you've prepared questions that you have or that we may not have addressed.

#5: Follow up

It's always wise to thank interviewers for their time. Make sure you take note of the name(s) of the individual(s) interview you. This will also let our team know that you liked what you heard and you want us to keep you in mind.