The Flats: An Employee Perspective



My name is Nick Coulson and I am an Associate of Guest Services at The Flats at Loyola Station. My journey with Loyola Limited began last year when I was hired on to the team soon after arriving on campus as a freshman. I quickly realized that six undergraduate students running every aspect of a 10-unit guesthouse provided its challenges, but also its rewards. I was immersed in a highly professional environment attaining skills in numerous areas including customer service, operations and finance.


What I also realized was that I had a voice in the business, a voice that was given full respect and consideration on all matters despite my position. My co-workers’ areas of study were just about as diverse as their individual backgrounds. These varied perspectives allowed for unique approaches when faced with challenges in the business or when it came to developing creative solutions to better a certain facet of The Flats.


For example, one of my coworkers who joined the team last year had a passion to help create a more sustainable environment. This drive led her to create an environmental sustainability plan that was implemented into our business over the summer.


A multitude of initiatives have since been taken by our business to become more eco-friendly. These have included implementing green cleaning supplies, introducing native species to our landscape, reducing our waste output by reusing various products and preventing unnecessary cleanings of towels by encouraging our guests to place only used towels on the floors of bathrooms. Although these are small steps, we hope for our list of initiatives to continue expanding so that we might operate in the most socially and ecologically responsible manner possible.


The Flats at Loyola Station was the first business opened under Loyola Limited in 2010, however we continue to evolve and alter our business practices five years later in order to create the most pleasing stay for our guests and to increase our level of competition within the market. 

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