We are loyola university chicago's

undergraduate student-run enterprise

We have a vision.

To become a student-run enterprise that encompasses a truly entrepreneurial environment, one that continually opens, sustains, and closes businesses - with the ultimate aim of transforming students into talented leaders.

We have a mission.

To transform Loyola University Chicago undergraduate students into leaders by providing them with unparalleled experiential learning opportunities in entrepreneurship and small business management, where students are empowered to create, develop, manage, and lead business ventures that benefit the multiple communities they serve.

We have a triple bottom line. 


Our undergraduate student employees are studying over 25 different majors. Employment at Loyola Limited allows students the opportunity to apply their varying academic experience in a business environment.


Our businesses are located in Roger's Park and are supported by the neighborhood, the university, and the student population. Each of our businesses strive to engage and give back to these communities.


Our program strives to be fiscally responsible and sustainable as we continue to run and expand our enterprise.