Get to know the student entrepreneurs leading growth and development at Loyola Limited.

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Ashley Kennedy, Chief Executive Officer


Ashley is the CEO of Loyola Limited. Prior to this, Ashley acted as a Coordinator at the Center for the Human Rights of Children. At the same time, she was the Director of Marketing at The Flats at Loyola Station. During her time at The Flats, she implemented numerous creative and impactful advertising campaigns, brand work, and public relations work with the Loyola community. A firm believer in community engagement, leadership, and development, Ashley hopes to facilitate a strong sense of community and upward momentum within Loyola Limited, while celebrating and developing entrepreneurial capability within students. She also hopes to build Loyola Limited's brand as a whole through strong internal, university, and community relationships and marketing. Ashley is pursuing a degree in Communication Studies at Loyola University Chicago.


Anthony Valentino, Chief Operations Officer


Anthony Valentino began his Loyola Limited career as the Vice President of Finance for Felice's Kitchen. He has now accepted the role as the Chief Operating Officer for Loyola Limited. He is excited and ready for the role and the challenges that come with being involved in all five student-run businesses! Anthony is an aspiring Accounting and Information Systems double major at Loyola University Chicago.


Mia McGuin, President of The Flats at Loyola Station 


Mia McGuin has had a passion for the Hospitality Industry throughout her entire life. Seeing as there was no Hospitality Program at Loyola, it truly felt like destiny when she stumbled upon The Flats! Mia began as an Associate of Guest Services at The Flats at Loyola Station and later transitioned into the role as President. Her accomplishments at the business include revamping its inventory method, introducing new guest experiences, and assembling a passionate student-run staff. Being a part of the motivated Loyola Limited team has reshaped her life and Mia is excited to embrace the opportunity to make an impact at The Flats. Mia hopes to expand Loyola Limited’s accomplishments by collaborating with the other executives and implementing new strategies at each of the Loyola Limited businesses to make 2018 its most successful year yet! Mia is pursuing a degree in International Business at Loyola University Chicago. 


Ethan Mohan, President of Chainlinks


Loyola Limited drew Ethan’s interest after many visits to ChainLinks before riding downtown to work as a software developer and, on the weekends, to deliver packages throughout the city - as a courier. After being offered the position of President after during his second semester, he accepted without hesitation. Ethan loves the informal feeling of Chainlinks: it is a place where people can sit down and talk about their day, life, bikes, etc. Ethan’s overarching goal is to continue this aura of congeniality, while also making it a foundation for biking in Rogers Park. He is a Sophomore majoring in Computer Science and Philosophy in the College of Arts and Sciences.


Rosa María Noriega, President of Felice's Kitchen


Rosa María grew up in Mexico City where she explored her passion for entrepreneurship by collaborating in several ventures and starting her own catering business. She recently joined Loyola Limited as President of Felice’s Kitchen and is beyond excited to try her hand at growing the business of the only student-run pizzeria in the nation. Rosa María is currently pursuing a double degree in International Business and Entrepreneurship at Loyola. 


Dillon Kurila, President of Ireland's Pub 10


Dillon Kurila is the new President of Ireland’s Pub 10. He held previous positions in kitchens and is excited to use those experiences to lead the Ireland’s team. He hopes to build upon the success of our previous executive board and continue to grow Ireland’s as a hub of student activity. Dillon is pursuing a degree in Biochemistry at Loyola University Chicago.


Joshua Seitz, President of inQbate


Joshua Seitz is a data-driven, impact-seeking digital marketer. Through a number of social and capitalistic ventures, Josh has become well versed in creative strategy development, branding, and digital growth strategy. Prior to joining InQbate, Josh was the Executive Director of Novus Club, a 501(c)(3) educational initiative that serves low-income students throughout the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. Josh led Novus Club in efforts that allowed it to expand to key communities, attract its first financial sponsorships, and acquire a subsidiary corporation. Josh attributes the success of Novus Club's efforts to its well-established brand and marketing practices – he believes that the key to any and all business goals begin with strategic marketing. As the President of Loyola Limited's InQbate, Josh hopes to help Chicago-local businesses and organizations utilize the best practices in digital marketing to strengthen their brand, expand their reach, and multiply their impact.