Here are quotes and highlights from the SRBC 2014. There was a ton of collaboration and discussion and all who attended walked away with great memories and new ideas. 


"February's SRBC conference gave me a better understanding of our unique industry's mission and the feeling of a collaborative effort among students nationwide who share in that. It was exciting to converse with peers regarding similar struggles and successes we have all faced"  

(Richard Bogusz, CEO 2014-2015, Flyer Enterprise)


"The most valuable part for us was a new perspective on service-oriented businesses and web-based resources,” said Eidam. “We now have ideas on how to build websites for FE Storage and FE Catering.”

(Jason Eidam, CEO 2013-2014, Flyer Enterprise)


"Probably the most important thing that I took away was that there are a bunch of different ways to run a student business. Just because we do things a certain way doesnt mean that it is the only way or the best way. It was really eye opening to see what others were doing; there is a significant opportunity to learn from one another."

(Connor Shinn, Executive Director 2012-2014, Brown Student Agencies)


"Ten times over do I believe it was worth it. I think in 20 years, Loyola Limited is going to lead a very reputable and strong SRBC that evolves from a conference to an organization. I already know this job changed my life, so student-run businesses will become much more popular and the SRBC will only lend to that happening."

(Sara Seibt, CMO 2013-2014, Loyola Limited)


"From planning it, I learned less can be more in that we had a lot going on. From attending, I learned our issues as an enterprise are not unique, they don't happen in a bubble completely separate from the world, other people struggle with the same concepts and commiserating and collaborating about them are a great idea."

Julie Waner, CEO 2013-2014, Loyola Limited)