Loyola Limited


About Us

Founded in 2010, Loyola Limited creates experiential learning opportunities rooted in creativity, innovation, & entrepreneurship. We achieve this by empowering undergraduate students to start and manage their own businesses.



Why Work With Us?


Not Your Average Campus Job

From our pizza artisans and beeristas to our CEO and COO, all leadership positions are occupied by students. When you work at Loyola Limited, you won't be sitting behind a desk doing busy work. Our teams calculate finances, develop marketing strategies, manage inventory, lead teams, and push for growth at our businesses and since Loyola Limited's establishment, our teams have made over 4 million dollars.

If you are a change-making self-starter who wants to be challenged and you have an interest in entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership - Loyola Limited is for you. We have proudly offered the most unique experience available to students at Loyola University Chicago since 2010.

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Leadership Skills

91 % of students surveyed said LoyolaLimited has helped to develop their professional skills

Loyola Experience

75% of students surveyed stated Working at Loyola Limited has been an important part of their Loyola experience


Our Alumni Network

Loyola Limited prides itself on an incredibly successful alumni network of over two hundred individuals. A career at Loyola Limited transforms students into leaders whose skills carry them to a variety of fields and companies. Here are just a few of the employers of Loyola Limited alumni:

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Our Triple Bottom Line


Our undergraduate student entrepreneurs are studying over 25 different majors - from biochemistry to anthropology. Employment at Loyola Limited allows students the opportunity to observe the intersections of and apply their varying academic experiences in a business environment. Loyola Limited emphasizes tangible lessons that it teaches students throughout their time with the organization. 


Loyola Limited prioritizes its ability to positively impact the Rogers Park community. Business plans, strategies, and maneuvers will all be made in context of their effect on the community. Through volunteering and philanthropic initiatives and a focus on social enterprises, the program will have a measurable impact on the communities in which it operates. 


A cornerstone of Loyola Limited is financial stability and performance. Students are responsible for analyzing and reporting on the budgets and fiscal performance of their businesses and the enterprise as a whole. In addition, students strive to successfully implement changes based on what they learn through budget analysis. Our teams justify all transactions and prove that measures are constantly being taken to improve the efficiency of the businesses.